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Backed by consistent innovation, a culture of support and success, an incredible array of product offerings, and many tools and resources to leverage, we're proud to offer everything you need to compete and succeed in today's mortgage market. This is what we like to call the "Cardinal Advantage."


We’re incredible team builders, always investing time and resources into finding and bringing in the industry’s top talent. This offers you the opportunity to build your business with motivated and successful lenders and support them with coaching and mentorship to boost performance and fuel success.


We work to build you a bigger world. Our compensation structure doesn’t change whether we recruit an LO or a team, creating a winning strategy of building and placing LOs under a local branch and manager. We take inventory of LOs from top to bottom to help increase production while developing them into better, more efficient teammates.


The array of products available to us here at Cardinal is impressively far-reaching. Additionally, if there are any niche products that we don’t currently offer, we can immediately get the ball rolling on getting those added as well. We want you to have the most options available for your clients.


In addition to the corporate marketing resources we get from Cardinal Financial, we supplement with a dedicated divisional marketing team that allows for custom, concierge-level marketing services that extends beyond what the corporate team provides. This allows for social media, gift funding, team websites, branding, events, collateral, copywriting and an array of marketing technologies aimed at furthering your brand and ensuring your success.


Our division’s top leaders combine for decades upon decades of successful industry experience, having funded billions in originations throughout their time in the industry. Our leadership is here to offer training, share best practices and provide support that enables professional development within our team. With mentorship and coaching always a priority, our culture of support proves to be a true asset for those looking to expand their reach into their market and create lasting success.


We’ve got technology that would take even our nearest competitors years to catch up on. The Octane LOS creates cost-savings and efficiencies that simply cannot be understated. It directly relates to the up-front money we can offer, the rates you will see and the ability to close faster and smoother. This means less time and support (overhead) than anyone else you’ll find. Through this, we can offer competitive transition money rather than having to “juice” the rates. We simply won’t be outdone on tech..


Our division-exclusive ops and processing services include an innovative package of customizable solutions that we make available to meet your needs, with a broad range of Octane, pipeline and escalations support. We’ll see your loans through to a quick and successful closing! Once we begin exceeding your goals together, we’ve also got the bandwidth to expand right alongside you and support your growth without impacting your bottom line.


We’re excited to have Ken Harthausen, one of the heaviest hitters in the builder world, who is dedicated to our division and is leading the effort to establish our presence in the builder space and bring in all the deals that are possible. He’s led some massive teams at some of the biggest names in the industry and having him onboard is going to bring in a lot of new business.

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