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We are a fast-paced, progressive, and professional organization that focuses on designing solutions for our borrowers, partners, and employees to deliver the very best experience.

We are genuine, hard-working people who aren’t afraid to continuously raise the bar and intentionally push beyond what is considered “good enough.” We never settle. We never stop. We never make excuses.

We just get it done.

Our Mission

As a team of innovators and industry leaders, our mission is to create the best mortgage experience in the industry for both lenders and borrowers, building lifelong client relationships with a foundation of service, integrity and trust.

Forward-Thinking Culture

While the rest of the mortgage industry is interested in short-term gains, we're interested in technology and training —̶ always having one hand in the future. We're a team of hard workers, goal setters and big thinkers all working to provide the best service in the industry and the resources you need to make it happen.

Your Goal is Our Goal

The industry is constantly changing, and whether you're a seasoned professional or new in your career, the goal is still the same—̶growing your business. Good news! Our goal is to support you in doing just that.

Our Promise To You

We want to see you reach new heights and achieve what you once thought impossible. We will offer you the resources, technology, culture and flexible business model that put you in a position to meet your goals.

The Bottom Line

At Cardinal Financial,  we keep you moving—̶with tools, training, technology, and the control to run your business. Why not join a team that helps you succeed today and equips you for tomorrow?

Freedom when you want it, support when you need it

Self-service is the best service

Top-tier channel marketing support


A world-class support team

Best tools, best people

Advanced tech resources


Lower rates and dynamic pricing

Work-life balance​

Competitive compensation

Proven processes

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Run your business with more control and
minimal limitations

Self-service is the best service

Top -tier channel marketing support


A world class support team

Best tools, best people

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Dynamic pricing

Work-life balance

Lower rates

Competitive compensation

Proven processes

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Company Culture



We have a bias for action, and a strong work ethic. From the C-Suite to the front lines, we all roll up our sleeves and get the job done.


We’re not about politics or status. We’re genuine, reliable, and ethical. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.


We treat our work like it’s our business. We show up. We take ownership. And we support each other. Whatever our role is, we want to be great at it.


We move with quiet confidence. With our undeniable will to win, we let our actions speak for themselves.


We run toward hard problems, not away from them. By encouraging creativity and ingenuity, our solutions are by design—not by accident.


We will not rest until we’ve provided the best experience. It requires the audacity to continuously raise the bar and intentionally iterate beyond what is considered “enough.”



Work happens wherever YOU are.


We consider ourselves a modern, employee-first organization with a majority of our workforce working remotely. Why? Because we believe in supporting our employees with the best technology to increase connectivity and efficiency. Commuting 45 minutes one way isn't the best use of time—so why not put that time back in our employees' day?


We offer more than a workplace.


At CF, we're positioned to help you grow your business and career by providing you with state-of-the-art tools and putting some of the best people in the business in your corner. And we're not just blowing smoke; our business is built on having incredible people that believe in what we're trying to achieve. As for the technology—well, tech is what we do. And we work tirelessly to improve our tools and platforms to better the business for all.


Be a voice not an echo.


We aim to foster an empowered culture where your ideas are important and your voice matters— we give you easy access to senior managers and leadership for assistance and to let your voice be heard. From our engineers to our LO's, the people are the backbone of our organization, and we truly value what each of them have to say. Our people make us who we are, so they deserve to have a say in who we're going to be.



We believe that success is built through hard work, determination, consistent innovation, and embracing cutting-edge tools and strategies that empower you to compete in the market. 

 We’re always moving forward.

When you join our team, you'll enjoy experienced leadership, a culture that is built around service, and the resources you need to reach homebuyers, build a thriving business, and create lifelong client relationships built on service and trust. From our groundbreaking Octane mortgage platform to the many intuitive tools at our team's disposal, you'll have everything you need to hit the ground running and achieve incredible growth.

That's the Cardinal Advantage.

Meet Octane

Cardinal Financial is powered by Octane, our loan origination platform. Octane moves our borrowers through the mortgage process with speed and efficiency. And for our business operators, it’s the most powerful loan officer assistant out there.

The engine that powers our business.

And soon, hopefully yours too

Whether we’re hiring the best engineers or using employee feedback to drive improvements and weekly updates, Octane is living proof of Cardinal’s “never settle” mentality. We’re not okay with just being good enough today; we have to move forward for tomorrow.

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